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From the studio that brought you FLCL, Blood+, and Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C.

TV series named one of Play Magazine's 10 best anime of 2008

Movie nominated at 30th Annual Annecy International Animation Film Festival

  • Genre: Comedy,Drama,Fan Service,Fantasy,Mystery,Slice of Life,Supernatural
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Number of Movies: 1

one of the most distinctly imaginative series in all of anime

xxxHOLiC is as intriguing as it is sexy

Bamboo Dong, Anime News Network

CLAMP fans are sure to eat this up.

Ain't it Cool

xxxHOLiC is a must have


There is no such thing as coincidence, there is only the inevitable…

Watanuki has been haunted by dark spirits his entire life, a curse flowing through his bloodline preventing peace. When his incessant demons drag him to the ornate door of the Dimensional Witch Yuko, he meets a mystical woman of insight and luxury, quick to help those in a bind… For a fee! One might very well end up paying with their soul! To be free of his visions, Watanuki will work in her shop of dreams and wishes. There is always a price to pay…

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  • The Inevitable
    Episode 1 - The Inevitable

    Watanuki’s demons drag him to the door of Yuko, a mystical woman of insight and luxury. To be free of his visions, he will work in her curious shop of dreams and wishes.

  • Falsehood
    Episode 2 - Falsehood

    The fickle finger of fate beckons a new customer into Yuko’s strange shop. Through a haze of lies, good and bad luck alike are proven to be the perception of the individual.

  • Angel
    Episode 3 - Angel

    Watanuki is partnered with Domeki to investigate a school wrapped in dark chaos. It seems divining dilettantes have reached into the realm of the supernatural, finding things that don’t want to let go.

  • Fortune-Telling
    Episode 4 - Fortune-Telling

    Watanuki’s smitten with a girl from school, so Yuko takes him to see her most trusted fortune teller. Relationship advice may be hard to glean, but good news is delivered across the planes of existence.

  • Game of Letters
    Episode 5 - Game of Letters

    Following his nose, Watanuki meets some magical and furry friends of Yuko’s, their culinary offerings legendary. While the food is good, their lessons and insight are invaluable.

  • Indulgence
    Episode 6 - Indulgence

    Yuko and Watanuki encounter one of the witch’s online friends, a woman so hooked on the virtual world that she neglects the realm of flesh and blood. Yuko decides to test the web addict’s will.

  • Hydrangea
    Episode 7 - Hydrangea

    Watanuki sets out to help a girl who’s trapped in a strange land between lands, hidden amongst the leaves of a hydrangea plant that flowers out of control and ignores nature’s usual design.

  • Contract
    Episode 8 - Contract

    Yuko cleans out her vaults, understanding that some things are meant to be passed on. Within the dusty collection, a young graduate student finds a strange monkey paw - and greed soon has its way with her.

  • Pinky Promise
    Episode 9 - Pinky Promise

    A young woman promises her love to many suitors, with each man none the wiser. Her lies and manipulation threaten to catch up to her during a trip to the amusement park.

  • Lamplight
    Episode 10 - Lamplight

    Yuko and her entourage share ghost stories in Domeki’s temple. The candles are lit as scary tales are spun - and soon the ceremony gives way to madness!

  • Confession
    Episode 11 - Confession

    When a mysterious girl at the park expresses her affections in front of Watanuki and Domeki, one of the guys will be left speechless - and lifeless! The search begins for the quiet soul stealing lass.

  • Summer Shade
    Episode 12 - Summer Shade

    Hoping to beat the heat, Yuko takes her crew to a beach house - but a terrifying lesson waits behind secret doors and down hidden corridors.

  • Transfiguration
    Episode 13 - Transfiguration

    A withdrawn girl with a talent for art has been lashing out. When the Fall Festival comes, souls are transformed as wings sprout to ease the weight of the world.

  • Seal
    Episode 14 - Seal

    Watanuki meets twin sisters who struggle with their differences and similarities. Something odd is happening with the look-alike ladies, and scary visions accompany flowing blood during a matinee.

  • Release
    Episode 15 - Release

    A war of words between twin sisters is bringing about very real physical pain. The blood they share will continue to flow freely unless they can tame their twisted talk.

  • Reunion
    Episode 16 - Reunion

    Watanuki travels to an unknown realm where his pipe fox is transformed into a huge beast! When he runs into the Vestal Sprite, the sweet connection they make leaves Watanuki hoping they will meet again.

  • Self-Mutilation
    Episode 17 - Self-Mutilation

    A woman with a habit of self-sabotage must learn that taking the good with the bad means taking the bad with the good. Yuko is no guide dog, so stepping into traffic could get the pity-partier killed.

  • Ground Cherry
    Episode 18 - Ground Cherry

    Yuko sends Watanuki and Domeki to walk in a parade of demons. Thankfully, the cavalcade includes friendly faces that might prevent the boys from becoming the ceremonial feast.

  • Unreasonable
    Episode 19 - Unreasonable

    Watanuki and his friends undertake a snowball war in hopes of winning a box from Yuko’s archives. What is contained within the prize? Everything anybody could wish for!

  • Atonement
    Episode 20 - Atonement

    A distraught woman leaves a photograph in Yuko’s care. Watanuki’s strange feelings about the picture give way to fear when the image begins to move - revealing a murder!

  • Nail Clipper
    Episode 21 - Nail Clipper

    Watanuki is on a rare paid vacation while Yuko is away on business. Relaxation may be his goal, but once more there are lessons to be learned. Fate takes no holiday.

  • Temptations
    Episode 22 - Temptations

    Watanuki spends time with a forlorn woman, and together they seek to replace the pain they know so well. But his improved mental health comes with a mysterious physical ailment.

  • Choices
    Episode 23 - Choices

    Watanuki faces his pain, but hope is still laced with longing as his newest friend lately seems just out of reach. Commiseration exists but there are no coincidences.

  • Side Story: Reminiscence
    Episode 24 - Side Story: Reminiscence

    Watanuki’s childhood was lonely, but there was one friend he cherished: a companion who could be considered an equal on this most curious of paths.

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Movie - A Midsummer Night's Dream

    Yuko drags her pawns along, invited to a mysterious auction at an intriguing mansion. There, confronted by greed, vanity and pride, they will navigate through rooms and passages that twist like the souls of holics, the mongers of material satisfaction. As the other guests disappear one by one, the puzzle must be pieced together before they become part of the collection, too.


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"Rockstar Series *** Must See for All - PLEASE DUB SEAS 2!!"

This is an absolutely fantastic series; I truly loved it! Would have to say it ranks up there with my 5 all time favorites. However, it is absolutely imperative that YOU DUB SEASON 2!! This needs t... more


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"There is no coincidence only Hitsuzen. xxxholic was always going to be amazing."

Possibly the greatest short anime series of all time. Clamp knocks it out of the park with a telling of Watanuki's transformation at the guidance of Yuko the mystic dimensional witch. A must watch and... more


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"Such an Amazing Show!! Please Dub the rest of the Series!! (:"

i absolutely love this show! each episode is always interesting & thought provoking! Clamp never dissapoints with the beauty & art style of their shows! Please Please Please Dub the rest, the story ge... more


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    There is no such thing as coincidence, there is only the inevitable…

    Watanuki has been haunted by dark spirits his entire life, a curse flowing through his bloodline preventing peace. When...

    Rating: TV-PG

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